Friday, September 10, 2010

Ouija Board – Planchette Rules and precautions


Years back  i always wondered  whether all what stories people tell about their experiance with the ouija borad …are they really true??….why would spirits answer our questions??…etc.

But tempted to find out me and my group of 4 friends started on a minor experiment , which turned a big time experiance for all of us….though we still live…..the experiance was really scary and well actually increased my curiosity more about the supernatural and the after effects of stumbling and messing up with them!

we back then started with no proper precautions and the worst of it was we didnt say good bye…leaving the spirit here with us.



After the day we performed, strange things started happening all over the place……all of us fell very sick…..just a common cold…but of a very high severity which the doctor couldnt no possible epidemics were in motion at that moment.


The place where it was done …..always felt cold and very uncomfortable, as if the air was very thick , hard to breathe.


Two of us met with accidents, not severe ones but though minor, were very coincidental considering the past happenings.


Also a lot of hair fall was noticed and dermatologist had no explanation for it….and after some more events we realised its just not our bad luck that was messing things up but it was the spirit who was haunting us , whom we left here and didnt unsummon. at once we decided for another planchette and unsummoned it for good .


After that though things returned to normal, it left its mark on us…

people always tell us not to be afraid of the dark…

but in reality you should be ,as you dont know what lurks in the shadows of darkness..


its rightly said…greater the awareness, greater the nightmares…do not get aware of things you dont know, and if you do be sure you can sustain them…without getting insane.

The most effective thing i have learnt about spirits is …not to loose focus and not to panic or get hyper excited, the spirit can actually possess you then.

its always better to remain calm than to visit someone for an exorcism!


This incident actually reminded me of mentioning those rules and precautions for all those newbies who plan on playing this little game of Q and A with a spirit, which can really turn very ugly if not played in the right way!


Rule 1:

'Do not play with the Ouija board!'

But the fact that you’re here tells me that there’s a pretty good chance that you intend to break that rule. So I’ll continue.


Rule 2:

“Never play alone. “

I can find no conclusive explanation as to why this is so, but rule number one, ‘never play with a Ouija board alone’ is considered to be the most important rule to obey whilst playing with the Ouija board. Perhaps it has something to do with strength in numbers and psychic prowess, or the possibility of being driven crazy as you experiance the spirit alone.


Rule 3:

“Don’t let the demon escape”

It is said that should you allow the planchette or pointer to count down through the numbers then the spirit or demon can escape, and some also believe the same to be true should you allow the spirit to go through the alphabet. Having a nice little chit chat on the Ouija is one thing but very few people wish to have Pazuzu, bringer of pestilence and keeper of the four winds running around causing mayhem uninvited.‘don’t allow the planchette to count down through the numbers (or through the alphabet).’


Rule 4:

Place a silver coin on the Ouija board


Silver has often been thought to contain qualities that make it effective as a weapon against evil spirits. Chinese people believe that placing a silver locket around their child’s neck will ward off evil spirits and the Incas believed silver to be the tears of the moon. It is believed that silvers reflective properties are the reason silver is attributed with these powers; silver catches the light, and repels the darkness.


Rule 5:

Never ask about God

This is said to be a big no-no, should the spirit be of the evil variety (and many believe that all entities associated with a Ouija board are of the evil variety) then it will become incredibly angry.


Rule 6:

Say Goodbye


In terms of importance many Ouija board users would place this rule above the ‘do not play alone’ rule. It is said that properly closing the Ouija board after use is extremely important, this is done by first thanking the spirits for coming forwards to speak with you, you should then wish the spirits peace and then say ‘goodbye’. In theory once you have said goodbye to the spirit the planchette should now move (guided by the spirit) down to the ‘goodbye’ written at the bottom of the Ouija board.

Failing to close the Ouija board properly after each session leaves the spirits or demons present and able to influence your life negatively. Should the spirits or demons not say ‘goodbye’ by moving the planchette after you have wished them farewell, then you should repeat ‘goodbye’ and ‘leave’ in a loud stern voice, and then pass the planchette through the flame of a candle.


I always thought and can be possible, this ritual is similar to the conjuration of deity or a demon in various religions and then unsummoning him with blessings and peace.


But be aware, i am not telling you or promoting you  to try this. do it at your own risk. and be sure you know what you are getting into!!!!!


  1. will only saying goodbye and closing the oiuja board will work?? dont we have to say a spell to leave?? plz give me immediate answers...i'm in need of it!

  2. You dont need to necessarily use a spell to leave the board. For most centuries when you ask the questions by using the devination tool of an Ouija board, your ideally supposed to blow out the four candles surrounding the board (North, East, South, and West) and ground and center the energy back into the earth. This allows if a spirit is restless from trying to pass through the pointer, and returned from whence he, she or they came from. Its always important to try and maintain this rule, but like all ceremonies/ritual the importance comes from the focus and the grounding and centering techniques! Hope this helps

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  4. If i fail to follow the "do not play alone" rule am i more easily open to possession?

    1. Yes,too easy to get possessed, actually the planchet moves by us teams energy so it's good to hv some people while doing it

  5. Is it a rule that we dont have to speak out things that the spirit told us?

    1. yeah I want to know too!!

  6. is it anyway depended on our rashi or persons of any rashi can perform planchate

    1. what is rashi?.....

  7. is ouija board necessary for doing planchate amd what can we use instead of ouija board.....sanjiban kar

  8. If i use a shot glass, and don't get rid of it. does anything negative from the spirit stay with me?

  9. I have crosses on my homemade board. Is that bad? I thought it might keep some bad spirits away.

  10. i want to play this but no one is agreeying

  11. i want to perfome this...i want to talk to my dad who commited suicide 6 years before... i juz wanna kno something ...em not gettin whom should i ask..thats why i am giving a comment...i want to ask that should i call his spirit by his name n how many people i am gonna need?
    n i belong to hindu religion so exorsicm is not instead of that what should i do? and whom should i contact?

  12. would i have a higher chance of being safe playing alone if i've had supernatural experiences before? i believe they've given me some kind of power being alone, sorry if this is confusing?

  13. Just programme a crystal to capture and trap spirits getting past the portal, programme it smartly, with the ability to free or send/give it to where ever youd like... allthough id recommend to send it to great spirit/ creator or at least banish it to ever come near you/your place again..

  14. Me and my friends are planning to make a short film on you have any precautions or suggestions for us?

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  16. What happens if the Ouija starts counting down and when your trying to stop it and say goodbye u can't because its moved to fast and already counted down this happened to me ,,,,