Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miracles Of Nature 1

Bombardier Beetles:

Insects when considered are the most lacking creatures in the world as it is said….except the “eeeeewwwwwwwwwww…..” we hear before the poor soul is squashed into a paste of its own body materials….but if you consider Bombardier beetle, i am sure you will get a nasty burn for trying to kill it…YES WHAT YOU READ IS TRUE!! god what a perfect name!!





When threatened, the beetle releases two separate chemicals from its abdomen which combine to form a spray which is both noxious and near-boiling. Your only warning that your day is about to be ruined is a popping sound before the spray bursts, which will only leave you more vulnerable as you wonder where the hell that sound is coming from before OH DEAR GOD IT BURNS.

The mere existence of bombardier beetles is controversial. Creationists argue that the internal design of two separate chambers (for storing both hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide) as well as a “mixing chamber” which houses water and enzymes, could not have possibly been the result of evolution as proposed by Darwin and is an example of intelligent (and badass) design. If true, our Nature is indeed an awesome, terrifying god.


This does really makes me wonder….if such small insects can do this…of course a Dragon could too!!!



Voodoo Wasps:

Voodoo we all know is a sort of religion and also labelled as Black Magic which mostly involves reanimating the dead and using them for our own benefit.

These wasps do the same except they do it in a live body taking entire control of it!! Scary but true..noone knows how they take over the neural mechanisms still…..its amazing!!


Voodoo wasps are called such because of their ability to turn caterpillars into what amounts to a zombie. This charming process begins when the wasp lays its eggs inside of the caterpillar, around eighty at a time. The caterpillar is perfectly fine until the eggs hatch into larvae stage, during which they feed off the caterpillar’s bodily fluids. Once fully grown they eat their way out of the caterpillar and spin cocoons nearby. And so goes the circle of life. Sunrise, sunset.


Except the caterpillar isn’t dead yet. Instead it stands over the cocoons as though being controlled by the growing larvae inside. Should anything have the misfortune of approaching the cocoons, the caterpillar will thrash about until the predator is knocked away or is freaked out enough to leave on its own accord. Once the wasps hatch from the cocoon, the caterpillar finally hits the dust. The wasps then show their gratitude for their brave guardian by eating its body.


Well…..remember the beetles from the movie ‘The Mummy’, no wonder these could control humans….and if searched extensively….i am sure we could find ones!!

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