Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Headless Spirit…My First real Experience


We all know every small town or a village has its own ghost story and mine had one too. I have the faintest memories of stories or possibly myths my Grandmother used to tell me about a headless spirit roaming the streets of our small town at the darkest hours of the night.

Though at that time i never believed in spirits and supernatural, i was quite fascinated by the concept of a spirit and the way it haunted or possessed people.

we heard it as a folklore but the stories had a dark truth behind it. those were the times when there were no proper streetlights on roads at nights and thus resulted in many supernatural encounters. but this one i considered the best of all.

The headless spirit according to myths was of a person who had lost his head to some cause and his spirit used to roam the streets at night. any human it encountered it used to possess it for some days and then used to un possess him sick and weary but no actual deaths were recorded. the best sign to look for the possession of the spirit was the person couldn’t utter a single word properly and could only make sounds like the ghost in Grudge movie. the spirit would reside in the body and then leave it when satisfied, though some would undergo exorcism and could banish the spirit before its time.

As i used to be there for vacations i could never possibly observe the phenomenon.


But a year back at my home town, not far from the location, i heard a same kind of rumour or a story among the folks about a headless spirit possessing people, and people going dumb after being possessed. this triggered my old memories of the spirit and resulting ,me ,my brother and best friend set out on a hunt to get a glimpse of the spirit we had been hearing about for a very long time.

Though the things were different this time .

  1. The location was different, the first one was in a town, while this one was outside the town in a cemetery, a perfect place for spirits.
  2. the spirit didn't always possess people…most of the times only sightings were seen.
  3. the spirit carried its beheaded head in its hands and it could be seen and this was really scary .


But these things didn't weaken our determination and we set out for search of this headless spirit. Its trace was still fresh as in sense, the last sighting was only a month ago, and we had a greater possibility of seeing it again.

We mostly visited the graveyard at night, hoping to get its glimpse, and possibly an encounter…..but as nights passed we started loosing interest.


It then happened one night , at about 1.00 am, driving back from the cemetery, my Chevy's headlight’s flickered along the way and at the entrance of the cemetery , suddenly switched off….unexpected .I got out to check for the fuse,being pretty sure that the fuses were burnt.

Those were winter nights, and the temperatures were very cold and being in the darkest darkness my brother got out to help me…..when we checked the fuses were ok , the torchlight's flickered….and there we saw deep in the cemetery the lonely spirit, its aura , perfectly distinguished in the darker than black night.

The only thing i could possibly remember is me getting in my car, while my brother getting rock salt out of his pockets, and driving through the darkness without a hint of light, scared of getting possessed and left dumb……though we were left  speechless for moments…….reviewing our memories and questioning…was it really a spirit….or was it a trick played by our minds……..certainly it wasn't a coincidence….


Though we were scared shitless…i can say only one thing…

”u weren't there and didn't see what we saw!!!” didn't weaken our interest in supernatural and paranormal investigations…but we were left with certain questions…..was it the same entity? or two people trapped with a similar fate?or a kind of spirits?

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