Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Secret Rooms Discovered In Great Pyramid Of Giza

The discovery has come thanks to a collaborative project known as ‘Scan Pyramids’, a large combined effort between multiple universities and scientific organisations. The project aims to reveal new secrets of the enigmatic structures through the application of state of the art 3D scanning technology that has never been applied to the pyramids previously.

This week, the results bore fruit when 2 strange voids were visible within the pyramid, detected using a method known as muography. The cavities are located on the northeastern edge and another behind its descending corridor.
So far, it is not known what is actually in these chambers, but it’s quite possible that the rooms have remained undiscovered for thousands of years.

The team is moving forward and continuing to acquire muon data inside Khufu’s Queen Chamber inside the pyramid. “We expect to have the results of the analysis of those instruments during the first three months of 2017,” researchers said.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Massive Prehistoric Sea Monster Discovered In Antarctica

During the Cretaceous period, the sea monsters we read about in legend would very much have been part of everyday reality in Earth’s prehistoric seas.

Palaeontologists have now discovered the remains of a gargantuan dinosaur belonging to the mosasaur family in the Antarctica.

Researchers have analysed the remains and were able to confirm that the beasts skull measured a ridiculous 33ft in length, earning it the title of biggest ever found in the region.

Researchers have fondly named their new prehistoric pet Kaikaifilu hervei, which is derived from the Chilean Mapuche culture’s sea monster legend.