Friday, September 3, 2010

India and its world of Supernatural

One of the most ancient cultures and religions can be observed in India and so it does have a greater share in the living examples of the supernatural and paranormal.When People speak of the spiritual and the cultural aspects of India ,the supernatural aspects are sidetracked. All magick and all spirituality originates in Ancient India. That should not surprise any person who can think for himself or for herself, and has researched Ancient India to great detail. Even if in contemporary India that knowledge has been misplaced or colored with the passage of myth and time, the true facts are there for those who search for them.

Most of the times we consider somethings to be fake, unreal or label them to be certain superstition. Most phenomenon are considered to be a myth and is sidetracked and a possible scientific explanation for that phenomenon is given. Sometimes it is correct and sometimes it isn't. Mostly it has been observed that labelling a phenomenon as a myth is because of passing the stories or its tales through generations or through the layers of many people thus altering it and exaggerating it at such a vey degree that it is supposed to be fake.
But we forget that myth doesn't just come bouncing off out of one's actually happens and has a certain degree of reality in it. its just that normal people or narrow minded folk consider it to be fake or exaggerated and label it to be a myth because they don't see it.
Most of the supernatural things here in India are considered to be a myth.....but why is it that if someone travels to various parts of India and research for the facts and stories.....why does it all correlate and why does a link appear in most stories as if it has been done by the same entity. Mostly it is labelled as a hoax ...but if researched further most of the time it found that the entity or mostly the spirit is associated with a certain person who may not exist now but well did reside there for some time. And if various parts nad regions are considered similar spirit hauntings can be heard of.

The influence of Ancient India is not evident in all forms of religion. Study the Druids, for instance. They had a fire worship aspect to their core beliefs which included a belief in what is known as a three-fold divinity which focused on Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. The Shamans, the Wiccans, the Witches, and their wonderfully complex Old Religion, the Pagans, believe in the 5 elements(Air, Water, Earth ,Fire and Akasha) , while here in India all the dieties are actually based of the 5 elements as the fascinating examples of Lord Hanuman,(Vayuputra) the son of wind,Sita(Lord Ram's wife)to be the daughter of earth.The India motif is there in each of them along with the themes. Take a look at the Knights Templars, the Freemasons, the Alchemists, the Rosicrucians, and other secret mystery societies.

One has to consider the continuing unearthing of ruins in India and elsewhere. That the Indian civilization was at its height ten thousand years ago is no longer a fantasy. Ruins in the wilderness continue to be uncovered. What destroyed it? There are many theories including a massive global war and here in India called as The Mahabahrata.
Link between India and SriLanka also has turned up which proves the bridge formed during the Ramayan.

A ruins lately discovered is dated at over eight thousand years old, they are ruins that once housed a learning and teaching center known as the "Nevali Cori" site. Beneath that site are more ruins of an even older civilization. Other finds turn up. The puzzle pieces start coming together with the use and help of modern technology.

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