Friday, February 11, 2011

What is a Poltergeist??


A  poltergeist is a phenomenon in which disorder occurs without explainable cause, usually indoors and in the presence of people. Such disorder typically includes inanimate objects moving or being thrown about, erratic noises (such as knocking, pounding, or banging), and physical attacks on human beings. Poltergeists have traditionally been described as troublesome spirits or ghosts haunting a particular person, but are often suggested in parapsychology to be caused by spontaneous psychokinesis.


"Poltergeist" comes from the German words poltern, "to knock" and "rumbling spirit". The history of poltergeists can be traced as far back as ancient Roman times. Reports of poltergeist disturbances cite loud noises, lights, smells, physical and sexual assault, telephones ringing, and in general create unexplained disturbances. Some people believe that poltergeist activity is caused by an unconscious form of telekinesis.

So what exactly is a poltergeist and what causes this phenomenon???                             Is it A demonic spirit? A restless soul? A super-charged pineal gland embedded within the brains of children going through puberty who live in disturbed family homes? An outlet for teen angst? Fight-or-flight chemical reactions gone mad? Zero point energy? An epileptic seizure? An electromagnetic anomaly resulting from houses being too close to power lines? No one really knows….

some of the alleged assumptions include the restless spirits, or a psychological phenomenon like psychokinesis. Most reports of poltergeist manifestations involve noises and destruction that have no immediate or verifiable cause. Situations include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown; noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices; and physical attacks on human beings, such as pinching, biting, and hitting.

My Opinion

There seems to be no actual reason..but if we consider that no such things as spirits exist….the i guess its the human mind which plays trick on us..

In most research that human brain can actually perform psychokinesis…in case of areas with higher electromagnetic activities…has been displayed. Also in case of thunderstorms and in places of granites and rocks its is believed that human minds can project images, leading to the most of the ghost concepts and phenomenon arising in castles and old manors…in which such materials were mostly used.

So if we consider that a human mind is afraid….there are fight or flight reactions..thus putting it in what we can call an overdrive mode..and increasing our instincts, perception capacities and the rate at which we t grasps things..and in certain cases may alter field and surrounding matter leading to kinesis.

We all have see things we feel like they move ,when we see them in a glance..or when we are afraid.Also our brain makes us believe in things making projections when we are truely afraid…they may not be projections but false images as they cloud our minds.

I feel its quite simple really like if we want to see someone very badly..we feel we see them everywhere…or feel like we see them…its our mind which plays tricks on us.

So if a person does have an ability of psychokinesis and he is hyper…it is possible to observe an anomaly around him…

And if we consider that spirits do exist..then well the answer is simple..they are doing it!!..possibly to caution or alert the individual..

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