Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is Extra Sensory Perception and how does it work?

All life is connected by a singular energy. In fact, everything in existence is made up of a singular energy at its root. The differentiates itself into people, animals, plants, stones, and even planets, everything that is a part of our present level of consciousness. Between living things this same energy makes connections. This is what some of us call 'the web'.
Sensing the web allows you to feel people and animals approaching. It's very much like feeling the rhythm of a place, and knowing when that rhythm changes. I believe animals may receive some information this way. While their sense of smell and hearing are usually superior to ours, there are times when no physical sense can explain their reactions. Right before natural disasters are obvious moments, but there are other, less glamorous occasions, like a dog minutes before someone they love comes home at an unusual time. They'll often sit right in front of the door, they know someone is coming.
Feeling the energy that comes across this web is like a form of empathy more than telepathy as we think of it. It allows you to know when something is wrong, or right, with those you come in contact with. It will also give you a better understanding of people, their motives and intentions. When you have this additional sense, you wonder how people manage without it.
To sense the web you must first be able to pick out your own energy from the energy emanating from others. It helps to take some time alone, meditating, and turning your awareness within, to your own frequency. I'm told you don't have to remove yourself from others to accomplish this, but I'm not certain that's true.
Once you're familiar with your own frequency then put yourself in the company of one or two people, relax and focus not quite to meditation level, but close, and open up to the energy outside of yourself. It's a process of allowing, rather than doing, and certainly not forcing.
This energy flows through your solar plexus. It's not at all like the 'god' energy that flows in through your crown chakra, and draws you into oneness in deep meditation. This energy will, and should, feel foreign, somewhat broken, and colored differently, for lack of a better phrase.
There are a couple of additional things which may help you in gaining this awareness. Firstly, don't attempt to rationally judge, or classify people and things in your environment. Oftentimes your other senses and intellect will give you incorrect information. We all see the world through the lens of our own imprinting, perception and reality are rarely a perfect match. Put your awareness first, and then let your rational mind come in. It's a waste of time and energy to pre-judge anyway.

Secondly, the frequency is very much like emotion, so it really is necessary to know yourself. You cannot sense others before you know yourself. You don't want to confuse your own feelings for those of someone else, or even more importantly a strange feeling you get from someone else as being your own.
Third, you need to be present in the moment you're living. Rehashing what you've done and planning what you will do dulls your senses to the passing moment. While some planning is needed if you don't want to have a life of chaos, most of us over-think. We missing living now, because we're thinking about then, be it the future or past.

By and large, I don't believe animals suffer this malady. Wild animals in particular are extremely aware of the moment they are living. Feral hyper-vigilance is not a good thing to suffer from as a human being, but to know what's really happening in your environment you have to actually be fully engaged with it.
You'll know you've fully developed this skill when you sense people coming before they arrive, and sense that you should take a different route, because there's been an accident that's got the traffic backed up. In the latter case, you probably won't listen to yourself, at least to begin with. With practice, sooner or later you'll learn to trust it, and to listen your instincts.


sorry i am currently referencing as i am not getting time to work and research on my blog. Hope you all understand. its just a few days and i will be back!

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