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Feeding techniques for Psychic Vampires,..

Feeding Techniques

The First method is Contact feeding. The Second method is directional feeding or the "head, heart, hands method;

most of the vampires already know this technique if they are newly awakened. The Third technique is more advanced and focuses more on using psy-tendrils. Besides learning how to feed, it is important to know that there are different types or levels of feeding; Ambiant feeding, surface feeding, and deep feeding.

  • Ambiant feeding- Feeding off the energy of a croud, group, or room.
  • Surface feeding- Feeding off the energy of a specific persons, astral or etheric energy.
  • Deep feeding- feeding off a specific persons core soul energy.

Contact Feeding

Feeding By Touch is one of the easiest ways to feed. This can be something as casual as a hug or holding hands,or Something completely intense such as kissing or sex.

Also, one thing seldomly mentioned is left or right hand dominance. Everyone seems to have a hand that sends and a hand that takes energy. .. But since most of the population is right hand dominant, in most of the books you will find, that they say that your left hand is the energy taking hand and the right hand is the sending energy hand.. I have noticed that for me personally (since i am left -handed) and a few other psi's , my taking hand is my right hand and my sending is my left.

Alot of psivamps don't particularly like shaking hands for this reason,.

Contact by line of Site,or "eye contact" is another common way to feed by touch, and remote view (of course only with permission).

Directional Feeding

"Head, Heart ,and Hands- The Sacred Triad"

Directional feeding is usually one of the first methods of feeding you usually learn , and often times unintentional's /unawakends use this method, but obviously aren't aware of it. Some people prefer to call this method the head heart hand method, but its pretty much all semantics. Aside from the feeding techniques I've also included some other positions.. that are relevant...Only use this method on a Donor, or while feeding on Ambient energy

Now that that's been Said, Lets begin:

fig 1 fig 2

This is one of two typical methods you will learn to use, in order to feed in this manner. See Fig 1. Notice you are forming an arrow, you would point at "preferably a donor" or above a crowd to take in the ambient energy.. It not just point and click...bam! you have energy.. Most of the people forget to mention the breath. As you breath in, focus on drawing in, with mouth open to begin with, As you inhale draw in the life-force/Prana/Chi.

Now see Fig 2. Notice aside from a kind of arrow you are forming a pentagram (use a lil imagination to fill in the lines) .. Use the same technique to draw in energy...

After awhile it will become second nature to use either of these intentionally ...and you can progress to the second type of feeding. One of the main problems with this type of feeding is it is very obvious...even to the outside community.

Hense , why it is imortant for you to know that the hands only serve as a focus for tendril feeding. Though some may prefer one method over another.

NOW, here are some other hand positions connections you might see in the community at large, And I will attempt to translate them for you, though really they are very simple ...But sometimes finding the information is hard .... Hence why I'm posting it.

fig 3

This hand position in Fig 3, Generally means you are receiving energy from a person.. Or if a person has their hands in that position they, are receiving energy...This IS different than taking it.

fig 4

This hand position in fig 4 , is a way of sending energy. When or if you send energy to another psivamp, they often respond with the hand position in fig 3.... Though not always. there are exceptions to every rule and teaching.

fig 5

This Hand position in Fig 5 means the person is "omni present"... Or "on to what your doing"...generally a back off sign if you just psi'd them, or were talking about probably did something you weren't supposed to, and lucky you... YOU just got caught!

Tendril Feeding

This technique of feeding is more advanced and is what most psychic vampires use, because it is less  readily detectible.  (This comes in especially handy if the culture you psi from is aware of psychic vampires)...  I will attempt to explain some various uses of the tendril technique.

From what I've experienced all Psychic vampires have psi-tendrils... Some have chosen to develop the skill, others remain with the head heart hand technique..  They are generally grayish in appearance, though some see it as other colors (perception). Of Course once moving on to this level, you realize that the hands and the directional feeding technique, simply serve as a focus for your tendrils.

Tendril feeding drawing in with breath.

        This Takes some developed sight, and familiarization with energy manipulation.. Focus on a donor from across the room.. Reach out with your mind, envision a long tendril extending from your subtle body to the donors.. Attach your tendril so that it penetrates, if it does not the first time...Try again.. Now envision your tendril is hollow, and suck in the energy like a vortex , using your will....As you inhale, draw in the energy.


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