Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Aura our soul??

Experiments have proved all living beings in this world emit or display some sort of energy out of their body.....generally termed as an aura. Auras can be actually visualized by some people who have their third eye chakra activated and normal people by the help of some kind of electric photography.
so this proves that auras exist and so does the energy emitted by the organism. This energy being emitted can be seen strong at certain points of the body...most possibly considered to be chakras.
Also it has been observed that a sick person or a person about to die has a blotched or damaged aura.....thus can be linked to the soul being damaged or leaving the body of the person.
Thus this does prove that soul concept does exist and auras can be considered as souls.

This well....does proves what psychic vampires do is true.....suck the aura out of a short suck out his soul.

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