Friday, August 20, 2010

Can babies and children see the supernatural?

In my opinion, yes they can.

The term "close to the grave".

It means that they have just come from the spirit world. Before they entered the Earth realm and incarnated into this lifetime they were "in spirit" on the Other Side waiting to be born. They may have been there with deceased loved ones before they came here.

Im sure we have all seen a baby or toddler smiling and shrieking and their eyes seem to be fixed a little above them, like they are looking at "something". It is not unusual for deceased loved ones to visit them. And often their guardians will interact with them as well, either angels or family members can be spiritual guardians to us.

Children are born with their third eye wide open.
This is the chakra point in the middle of the forehead. It enables us to be open to spirit communication, and the ability to see spirits and talk with them.

Babies and toddlers have not been exposed to the negative reality that most people have regarding ghosts. Most people, not all but most, doubt that ghosts exist. Children that age are still innocent and not influenced by society's attitude toward the spirit world.

Imaginary friends>

Some small children even have "imaginary friends" they talk with and play with. Grownups tend to just shrug it off and think that they have an overactive imagination, when in reality, it is most likely that they are actually interacting with someone in spirit.

As we grow up, we are exposed to the negative responses "there are no such things as ghosts", "we cannot communicate with dead people", and to even try is unacceptable. Not wanting to seem odd or go against what grownups are saying, we then begins to shut down and convince ourselves that what we are seeing or hearing cannot be real and we start to lose our ability to "see" and "hear".

Fortunately, some children keep the gift of being able to see and hear no matter what they've been told. They believe in their hearts that what they are experiencing is real and cannot be convinced differently.

If a child claims to be seeing ghosts then try to have an open mind and an open heart.
Question them gently.
Ask them what they are seeing and whom they may be communicating with.

People are too quick to make judgment calls and will doubt the child without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Just because some people cannot see them or hear them does not mean that everyone can't.

Some children can give an exact description of whom they are seeing and it will perfectly match up with a loved one. Some children even call the spirit by name, and it turns out there was a real person by that name. It isn't only deceased family members or friends but also people who lived in the house.

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  1. My four month old son keeps seeing something and it freaks him, my dog sees it to she starts growling at whatever my son is looking at. I am concerned because I have never felt anything in my home or had my dog act so strange till I brought my son home. My dog now paces the house back and forth between me and my son at all times its to the point where I'm constantly tripping over her. pls email me at am seeking help as the energy I feel now is far from being good.