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How to become a werewolf?

The mythological belief in werewolves has been with us for centuries. Many historians and folklorists have pondered the origins of the belief in lycanthropy, which is really the human ability to change into not only wolves but bears, big cats and other dangerous creatures. Of all of these transformations though, that of man into wolf is the best known.

This is largely due to the Old World traditions of wolves being feared as predators by the Europeans. There are many historical accounts of wolves preying on human beings during wars and hard winters, although not all of these accounts can be taken as fact. However, the true accounts were prevalent enough that the French had a word for the wolf that has acquired a taste for human flesh, the “werewolf” or the loup-garou.

For those who claimed such powers, their delusions were frighteningly real. Many people who believed themselves to be werewolves testified, under torture and otherwise, of murdering both people and animals while in their transformed state. For this reason, many researcher today have associated being a “werewolf” with those we would deem to be murderously mentally ill. Among these were serial killers like Stubbe Peeter, who was tried in Germany in 1589 for a 25 year crime spree. During that time, he murdered adults and children (including his own son), committed cannibalism and incest and attacked animals. Peeter claimed to have made a pact with Satan, who had then given him an animal pelt that would change him into a wolf. In 1598, French authorities arrested Jacques Roulet after he was found hiding in some brush and covered with the blood of a mutilated teenaged boy. Roulet claimed that he had killed the boy while transformed into a werewolf.

In most old legends the human became a shape shifter by either being born under a curse or by being infected from the bite or scratch (like a virus) from another shape shifter (werewolf). There are also rituals that can be preformed at the right times and under the right conditions that can allegedly turn the caster into a werewolf.

Cursed Werewolf: A cursed werewolf is an individual who have been cursed (usually a family curse) or bitten by another werewolf. They are involuntary participants in the werewolf curse. These unlucky souls are believed to have little or no control over their shape shifting ability to transform from human-to-werewolf. Cursed werewolves are subject to natural phases of the moon's lunar cycle. Once the subject has changed into wolf form the subject's mind blacks out and they will not remember much, if anything, of the details of the night before. The instincts of the animal take over and control the actions of the beast.

Magick Werewolf: A magick werewolf is an individual who has obtained the supernatural ability to shape shift by crafting magical method such as spells, chants, talismans, charms, animal skins, etc. These werewolves have entered the changeling path of their own free will. They have chosen to seek out techniques to become a werewolf and are willing to attempt the process. Magick werewolves are said to have more control over their ability but are still captives to the natural animal instinct of the beast that they are becoming.

Spiritual Werewolf: Spiritual werewolves do not have to change into a werewolf. Spiritual werewolves acquire the aspects of the animal into their personality. They become the animal in spirit. This is often the result of shaman rituals intended to invoke a spirit wolf. This change may also take effect because of a dream, prophetic vision or dream quest. Like magick werewolves the process can also be aided by the use of magick spells, incantations, charms, etc.

Ways to Become a Werewolf:

Note: These methods are not created by the author of this website nor are they endorsed . These methods are listed as support for the myths and legends of werewolves. I already know that many of these methods do not work, but I will list them anyway because they are part of werewolf history.

1. The number one way to become a werewolf is to be bitten or scratched by another werewolf thereby becoming infected with the werewolf curse. Of course, good luck finding a werewolf that is only willing to only slightly injure you instead of tearing your into a million pieces.

2. Become Werewolf by Born into a family that has the werewolf curse upon them. Many of these hereditary curses are alleged to go back thousands of years and usually stem from something horrible that occurred in the family bloodline causing that family to be cursed. A powerful sorcerer could have applied the curse to the family or a God or demon could have applied the curse. The only way known to remove this curse is to end the family line.

3. Become Werewolf by Use black magick or enter into a pact with the devil. Throughout the medieval ages it was believed that werewolves were people who used black magic or make a blood pact with Satan. It was believed that witches could transform themselves into animals in order to kill their enemies and drink their blood.

4. Become Werewolf by Infections. The reasoning behind the transmission of the werewolf curse is that there is "something" in the bodily fluids (blood, sweat, saliva) of a werewolf that can be passed on to another carrier just like a disease or virus. A person can knowing or unknowingly become infected by doing any of the following: Eating the brain or flesh of a werewolf - eating the brain of a wolf - drinking water from the paw print of a savage wolf - drinking from a cursed stream - drinking from a stream where three or more wolves have drunk from recently - eating human flesh - having sex or sexual contact with a werewolf.

5. Become Werewolf by Use a magick belt. There is a Polish legend that says a witch can transform a bride and groom into wolves by laying a girdle of human skin across the threshold at their wedding feast. Then later, the couple would receive dresses of fur and would regain their human shape at will. Magical belts are not uncommon in werewolf legend. Many types of belts (werewolf skin, wolf skin, human skin, human skin of a hanged man) worn by witches and sorcerers were said to be the real power behind the werewolf transformation. When the person put on the belt they would transform into the werewolf and when they were ready to become human again they would release the belt. Destroying the belt, cutting it off or removing it from the werewolf would result in the werewolf immediately turning back into their naked human form. The belts were often crafted with magick symbols engraved into the leather and sometimes adorned with human tongues.

6. Become Werewolf by Incantations and magick ointments. There are so many werewolf incantations that it is almost pointless to start listed them. The incantations are poem sounding chants that can be send at different times of the year, often in conjunction with special zodiac events or full moons. Along with the chants ointments, magic salves, charms and other enchantments can be used to invoke the wolf spirits or the moon-goddess. The magic salve that was used in these rituals often turned out to contain hallucinogenic plants that would be absorbed into the bloodstream causing effects similar to the drug LSD. The recipes often included ingredients such as fat from children, hemlock, aconite, leaves, cowbane, deadly nightshade, and bat's blood.

7. Become Werewolf by Invoking the animal spirit. It was very common in both Norse and Native American legends for men to invoke the spirit of the animal. It was believed in Native American cultures that individuals were called by the wolf spirit to become a werewolf. The person would have a dream about running with wolves or have a vision quest of a spirit wolf. There were rituals that would be taught by the spirit animal that would allow the person to invoke the animal spirit and transform into that particular animal. American Indian shaman (skinwalkers) also had the ability to drape an animal skin overtop of their bodies and take on the powers of that animal. The Native Americans considered werewolves to be spiritual creatures. Each tribe had a unique set of beliefs. The Norse always had legends of warriors called berserkers who were legendary for their savagery in battle. A berserker would wear bear or wolf skins and take on the behavior of that animal. A berserker was a feared warrior. Berserkers would fearlessly charge into battle without regard for their own safety. They were burial fighters who seemed not to feel pain. Many armies who faced berserkers and survived commented on how they seemed to have supernatural strength and speed. A berserker would never surrender. They would fight ferociously until death.

8. Some old fashion bad luck and other werewolf legends. These methods can also be done accidentally or intentionally to become a werewolf. Being born on the winter solstice or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - being born on a full moon Friday - being conceived under a new moon - being the elder son of priest - being born on Friday the 13th - not going to confession for 10 years - wearing, smelling or eating wolfbane - being murdered on a full moon - attaching Lycanthropous flowers to your shirt on a full moon - plucking and eating a Lycanthropous flower on a full moon - and sleeping at night on Friday while the light of the full moon shines in your face.


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