Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome to the first step of Cyborg Overlords…

Recent News report that a chip has been developed which can be implanted into the eye and enable the blind to see…

It is supposed to work as a light receptor which can connect to the brain..thus help in vision. Being developed by british scientists at kings proved successful in the experiments earlier in 2010 and they are considering in implanting these implants for life.

The revolutionary microchip was first tested on three patients in Germany earlier in the year and yielded dramatic results. One man saw his girlfriend’s smile while another was able to read his name.

“Surgeon Tim Jackson will head the trials at King’s. The consultant said: 'The results demonstrated by the German team represent an important step towards an artificial vision that could greatly enhance the quality of life for people with an incurable, blinding disease. It is unquestionably an extremely exciting development.'

Bionic eyes have been piloted before. But this battery-powered implant is the first not requiring cumbersome accessories such as a camera mounted on dark glasses.”

The implant is three millimetres square. It is fitted with sensors which trigger an electronic pulse. This pulse stimulates nerves leading to the brain enabling patients to see a rough black and white image.German firm Retina Implant AG which is behind the implant hopes it will become widely available within five years.

Well…this displays the fusion of cybernatics and humans or life…if they can be implanted and used,they can be connected to computers to record data..or transmit all the data to servers, what the implanted person sees.

This can be better used for survillence, spying, etc….i magine implants in a eagle or a fish…can discover and help in acquiring loads of data.

well…with this we can meet the first cyborgs walking on planet….of course the artificial limbs have been developed..but eye implants seem to be more cool and awesome…

Personally i am waiting for X-Ray vision implants and very cool night

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